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Hazardous Steam - Brawlmachine Edition I - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Gauthier aka "Ferdek"BNamur-Legion of Everblightno
2. Damien aka "Haurron"BHoves169Cryxno
3. Guillaume aka "Arval"BEmines-The Skorneno
4. Al aka "BlobDylan"BNamur81TrollbloodLes Dés branchésno
5. Tim aka "smeerlap"BRoeselare2Cryxno
6. Bart aka "Barbart"BNiel67Protectorate of Menothno
7. Xavier aka "Sharkface"BJambes (Namur)10Retribution of ScyrahFratres Lupusno
8. Stephane aka "Artemousse"FHellemmes-Lille136CryxGinyu Forceno

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Distribution of Origins
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