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Conquest au LudiGork - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Sebastien aka "SEB722"FConnerré-The W'adrhŭnno
2. Antoine aka "Fearn"FLe Mans-The SpiresJeux, Ruine et Famineno
3. Guillaume aka "BillyZeKid"FSoisy-sous-Montmorency-DweghomGravier & Harissano
4. Yohan aka "Kharnac"FClichy-The SpiresJeux, Ruine et Famineno
5. Nicolas aka "Nyckeau"FSt-Remy-Les-Chevreuse-Old DominionLes Barbusno
6. Adam aka "bendji54_Chipper"FCherbourg-Nordsno
7. Steve aka "Urial"Fgif sur yvette-DweghomLes Barbusno
8. Aurélien aka "Llenard"FLa Queue-Lez-Yvelines-DweghomLe Clan de la Flamme Bleueno
9. Hyacinthe aka "hyace"FArgenteuil-The W'adrhŭnJeux, Ruine et Famineno
10. Romain aka "Harioch"FChartres-Old Dominionno
11. Maxime aka "herisson"FCherbourg-The Hundred Kingdomsno
12. (anonym)-The Hundred KingdomsThe Hundred Kingdomsno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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