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Estivale Légion 800pts Ouvre boite Juillet - List of Participants

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1. Guillaume aka "Grymlog"FSaint-Jean-De-Védas146Galactic RepublicLes Banthas Soyeuxnono
2. Alex aka "cupcake_hunter"FMontpellier122RebelsLes Banthas Soyeuxnono
3. Thibaut aka "Sckhrat"FMontpellier68RebelsPalpatine à la plage en tongsnono
4. Yohann aka "Durdy"FGignac51RebelsChatetounono
5. Pierre aka "Jakarn"FMontpellier-EmpireJakarnnono
6. Charlie aka "Stonerizer"FSt Georges D'orques-Empirenono
7. Jean-François aka "Attila30"FAlès72Rebelsnono
8. Régis aka "Han_Solo"FGrabels30Rebelsnono

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