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Balance ton dé 2023 - Mortem et Gloriam - List of Participants

1. Gilles aka "thefrenchjester"FGressy-Early Achaemenid PersianImmortels de Paris Ouestyesyes
2. Guillaume aka "wulfblake"FMeru7Imperial RomanOrdelieyesyes
3. (anonym)-Pictsjeu de simulation saintongaisyesyes
4. Bruno aka "brunoarmel"FLorient9Lowland Gallicyesyes
5. Bruno aka "onurbm"FOLIVET5AlanOrleans wg , ORM, Horde d'oryesyes
6. Frederic aka "Dufred"FLa Varenne Saint Hilaire4ApulianOst Rueil Malmaisonyesyes
7. Bernard aka "Bernd"FSaint-Fort-Sur-Le-Né-Alexandrian Macedonianyesyes
8. Roger aka "Door5"CHFounex2Alexandrian Macedonianyesyes
9. Renaud aka "Rino"FMontrouge-AlanImmortels de Paris Ouestyesyes
10. Olivier aka "Dvorkin"FErquinghem-Lys3Alexandrian Macedonianles compagnies du littoralyesyes
11. (anonym)-Pyrrhicyesyes
12. Philfigo aka "Zipofigo"FVillepreux-Asiatic Successoryesyes

Distribution of Armies
Alexandrian Macedonian:3
Asiatic Successor:1
Early Achaemenid Persian:1
Imperial Roman:1
Lowland Gallic:1
Distribution of Origins
Aveyron (12):1
Charente-Maritime (17):1
Loiret (45):1
Morbihan (56):1
Nord (59):1
Oise (60):1
Val-de-Marne (94):1
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