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Wargame House tournoi Aos - List of Participants

1. Regis aka "Raideg"FNîmes-Nighthauntyesyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
2. Jules aka "Harakonnien"FSaint Clément De Rivière-Slaves to DarknessHarakonniennono
3. Quentin aka "Agitox07"FSaint Lager Bressac-SylvanethAgitox07nono
4. Mikel aka "mikel21"FMeylan388Blades of Khornele fils indiciblenono
5. Phane aka "Nod"FMontpellier-Cities of Sigmarnoyes
6. Paul-Emmanuel aka "pabloman"FMontpellier-Orruk WarclansGul'dan armynono

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Distribution of Origins
Gard (30):1
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