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SW Legion Battlefield Berlin 500 pkt 1.3 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Sebastian aka "Skyguy"DBerlin79Shadow Collectivesurge to blank Praktikantno
2. Alexander aka "FRY"DBerlin25Shadow CollectiveFreudenspender IIno
3. Marcel aka "wazzi"DBerlin27Galactic Republicsurge to blankno
4. Patrik aka "Hobbyloser"DBerlin126Separatistsno
5. Kevin aka "Nox"DKloster Lehnin66Shadow Collectivesurge to blankno
6. Matthias aka "nightknight"DGüster-RebelsOstfrontno
7. Kelvin-Kennon aka "Serox"DLeegebruch130Galactic Republicsurge to blankno

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