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Bastards Ath War 9thage Team 4 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Hadrien aka "strauss"BSterrebeek9Beast HerdsBelgian Mercenariesnono
2. Maximilien aka "tcho"BBernissart2Daemon LegionsBelgian Mercenariesnono
3. Pierre aka "CafeGrandMere"BBruxelles64Dread ElvesRieurs Sangliersnono
4. Vincent aka "Kabuum"BHerent34Orcs and GoblinsRieurs Marcassinsnono
5. François aka "Valmir"BAth8The Vermin SwarmRieurs Marcassinsnono
6. Thomas aka "Tytan"BEcaussinnes91Warriors of the Dark GodsRieurs Marcassinsnono
7. Quentin aka "Gryph"BBruxelles43Kingdom of EquitaineRieurs Sangliersnono
8. Cédric aka "Moussococo"BEcaussinnes-d'Enghien35Beast HerdsRieurs Sangliersnono
9. Greg aka "Kerboul"BWagnelã©E6Kingdom of EquitaineRieurs Marcassinsnono
10. Loick aka "logik"BBruxelles19Ogre KhansRieurs Sangliersnono
11. Quentin aka "Morkall"BWemmel29Orcs and GoblinsBrothers Fanaticsnono
12. Logan aka "Agrael"BFlawinne20Dread ElvesBelgian Mercenariesnono
13. Baptiste aka "Braxx"FVeneux-les-Sablons-Warriors of the Dark GodsLes Résistants Battlenono

List of teams

Registered teams
1Belgian Mercenariesstrauss, tcho, Agrael
2Rieurs SangliersCafeGrandMere, Gryph, Moussococo, logik
3Rieurs MarcassinsKabuum, Valmir, Tytan, Kerboul
4Brothers FanaticsMorkall
5Les Résistants BattleBraxx

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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