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Immaterium Café Tournament 40k #3 - List of Participants

1. Guillaume aka "Rorschach-"FSix-Fours267TyranidsBoys de la radeyes
2. William B.FToulon-Adepta Sororitasyes
3. Thierry aka "Titidu13"FRoquefort La Bedoule4156Necronsyes
4. Nicolas aka "VenomNerva"FToulon1035Adepta Sororitasyes
5. Kevin aka "Atanox"FToulon1929Death Guardyes
6. Jonathan aka "Rougeathan-CoquilleSaintJacques"FToulon-Death Guardyes
7. Sylvain aka "Kostakis"FMougins474DrukhariCMMFyes
8. Aymeric aka "Tortue"FGuyancourt1040OrksLa Tortue (et ses Orks)yes
9. Guillaume aka "Cromlan"FToulon289Astra MilitarumLes forces spéciales lapinouyes
10. Thomas aka "Bobipowa"FToulon2577Space WolvesFenrisian noobyes
11. Francesco aka "miniboys"FCagnes-Sur-Mer303Imperial KnightsCMMFyes
12. Brice aka "Garyn3"FLa Seyne Sur Mer1296Chaos Knightsno
13. Vincent aka "Vapatrovich"FToulon2841Astra MilitarumLes forces spéciales lapinouno
14. Pierre aka "Moi34"FToulon-Astra Militarumno

Distribution of Armies
Astra Militarum:3
Adepta Sororitas:2
Death Guard:2
Chaos Knights:1
Imperial Knights:1
Space Wolves:1
Distribution of Origins
Var (83):10
Alpes-Maritimes (06):2
Bouches-du-Rhône (13):1
Yvelines (78):1
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