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Action Contre le Noobisme - List of Participants

1. Loic aka "kalren"FNevers708Kingdom of EquitaineL'alliance 1 - La Main Occulteyesno
2. Mathieu aka "Zur"FWattignies196Sylvan ElvesL'alliance 1 - La Main Occulteyesno
3. Julien aka "Kasterian"FNevers250Dwarven HoldsL'alliance 1 - La Main Occulteyesno
4. Guillaume aka "Gozher"FNantes78Orcs and GoblinsLes gros malinyesno
5. Racoon aka "BlackRacoon"FRouen163Highborn ElvesSpace Catinsyesno
6. Alexandre aka "seven"FRouen31Vampire CovenantSpace Catinsyesno
7. Nicolas aka "mercos"Fnantes287Daemon LegionsLes gros malinyesno
8. Florian aka "V4C0"FNANTES99Ogre KhansLes gros malinyesno
9. Baptiste aka "Braxx"FVeneux-les-Sablons65Warriors of the Dark GodsSpace Catinsyesno
10. Emile aka "Tivaros"FRedon-Undying DynastiesDiplomatieyesno
11. Davy aka "All-Bran"FLes Fougerêts-Saurian AncientsDiplomatieyesno
12. Florent aka "MisFire"FBeganne-Empire of SonnstahlDiplomatieyesno
13. Pierre aka "ghoghost"FCournon383Orcs and GoblinsDiplomatieyesno
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
14. François aka "Jaina"FRouen106Undying DynastiesPicardia Independenzanono
15. Thomas aka "capitaine_admirable"FSaleux423Empire of SonnstahlPicardia Independenzanono
16. Pierre aka "Tharbak"FParis22Infernal DwarvesLes Chevaliers de la Table Rasenono
17. Arnaud aka "Yusei"FRedon228Orcs and GoblinsBZHnono
18. Yann aka "Wismerhell"FLa Baule140Dread ElvesBZHnono

The tournament has reached the allowed limit of 18 players. Please contact the organizer for further details.

List of teams

1L'alliance 1 - La Main Occultekalren, Kasterian, Zur
2Space CatinsBlackRacoon, seven, Braxx
3Diplomatieghoghost, All-Bran, Tivaros, MisFire
4Les gros malinGozher, mercos, V4C0
Registered teams
5Picardia IndependenzaJaina, capitaine_admirable
6Les Chevaliers de la Table RaseTharbak, deder
7BZHYusei, Wismerhell, Aramis
8Les randomiques cavistes du nor(th son's)Gus, Anwarn, ARTGFabou
9L'alliance, mais les bons ????ceddur

Distribution of Armies
Orcs and Goblins:2
Daemon Legions:1
Dwarven Holds:1
Empire of Sonnstahl:1
Highborn Elves:1
Kingdom of Equitaine:1
Ogre Khans:1
Saurian Ancients:1
Sylvan Elves:1
Undying Dynasties:1
Vampire Covenant:1
Warriors of the Dark Gods:1
Distribution of Origins
Loire-Atlantique (44):3
Morbihan (56):3
Nièvre (58):2
Seine-Maritime (76):2
Ille-et-Vilaine (35):1
Nord (59):1
Seine-et-Marne (77):1
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