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4 ème Tournoi Star Wars Legion de 2022 Maxireves - List of Participants

1. Jean-Philippe aka "Jphinormand"FÉvreux153RebelsSemejyes
2. Vincent aka "Kartel"FTourcoing149Empireyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
3. Grégory aka "Greguef"FLe Havre114Galactic RepublicLes Gob'Laidsno
4. Sebastien aka "sloops2"FLe Havre9SeparatistsLes Gob'Laidsno
5. Anthony aka "Pask27000"FEvreux235Galactic Republicno
6. Thomas aka "Varathorn-totojako"FRaimbeaucourt115SeparatistsL'Allianceno
7. Patrick aka "Katsumoto"FVilleneuve D'ascq17Empireno
8. Louis aka "Dark-Louis"FVilleneuve D'ascq22Separatistsno
9. Douglas aka "DouggyBag"FLe Havre-Separatistsno
10. Ryo aka "RyoSWLFR"FWasquehal12Separatistsno
11. Guillaume aka "Robby"Fevreux57EmpireSemejno
12. (anonym)-Separatistsno
13. Pierre aka "Rouk-1"FLe Havre-Galactic Republicno
14. David aka "eolias"FMenilles-SeparatistsSemejno
15. Lorenzo aka "Kosmos"FAbbeville-Galactic RepublicTeam Maxirevesno
16. Simon aka "Nihilus62"FCalais141Shadow CollectiveDarth Maul's Loyalistno
17. Florian aka "Dark-Florian"FMarck88Shadow CollectiveSquigs du Nordno
18. Sultain aka "Sultain"FLE HAVRE64EmpireLes Gob'Laidsno
19. Axel aka "Daedry"FVendin Le Vieil2Separatistseine große Taubeno
20. Florian aka "bubulle"FMarck158RebelsSquigs du Nordno
21. Sean aka "Aryhas"FLille104Empireno
22. Olivier aka "Iobsolo32"FAmiens181Empireno
23. Xavier aka "vasdry"FHouplin Ancoisne32EmpireBombad!no
24. Metin aka "LeSultan"FRomainville31Empire1D100no

Distribution of Armies
Distribution of Origins
Eure (27):1
Nord (59):1
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