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Univers Kids 2ème édition - List of Participants

1. Quentin aka "cheldar"FLe Creusot69SeparatistsWarlods71yesyes
2. Picard aka "Gendou29"FRaucourt Et Flaba161Galactic RepublicGogue Squadronyesyes
3. Guillaume aka "Aventis0805"FFontainebleau-Galactic Republicyesyes
4. Pierre aka "Tief"FChampigneulles292Shadow CollectiveDEMI MAULyesyes
5. Thibault aka "VaeVictis_"FCharleville-Mézières88SeparatistsGogue Squadronyesyes
6. Lecomte aka "Cochondinde-nator"FHaybes107EmpireGogue Squadronyesyes
7. Sebastien aka "Loumice"FNancy128Empireyesyes
8. Benjamin aka "worrywort"FLunéville232SeparatistsDEMI MAULyesyes
9. Kevin aka "Napalm"FJarny343SeparatistsLes Quiches Lorrainesyesyes
10. Romain aka "Simbaiii"FGueugnon194EmpireWarlods71yesyes
11. David aka "grandada73"FRouilly-Sacey87Empirele reveil de l'aubeyesyes
12. Johann aka "Esgann"FLUSIGNY SUR BARSE243EmpireLe réveil de l'Aubeyesyes
13. Adrien aka "Adrien"FFontainebleau142Galactic Republicyesyes
14. Alban aka "faramir52"FSaints-Geosmes212Galactic Republicyesyes
15. Lionel aka "stabe"FNancy85Galactic RepublicSecteur Gallicusyesyes
16. Regis aka "Prince2Lavau"FLavau115Galactic RepublicLe réveil de l'Aubeyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Galactic Republic:6
Shadow Collective:1
Distribution of Origins
Meurthe-et-Moselle (54):5
Ardennes (08):3
Aube (10):3
Saône-et-Loire (71):2
Seine-et-Marne (77):2
Haute-Marne (52):1
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