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TTTG 40K Teambash 2022 No2 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Goran aka "Goribaer"AHall In Tirol72Chaos Space MarinesDie Horden der Bärgmänchenno
2. Gernot aka "SirSigurd"AInnsbruck84The InquisitionDie Horden der Bärgmänchenno
3. Patrick aka "Stixinator"AInnsbruck112Adeptus CustodesAndi+Stixno
4. Andreas aka "wargear77"AInnsbruck122Space MarinesAndi+Stixno
5. Alexander aka "NumberM"AWien38T'au EmpireChickenwingno
6. Andreas aka "update"AStams107Space MarinesChickenwingno
7. David aka "BloodyNoob"AInnsbruck159OrksBugBoyzno
8. Sebastian aka "Sebelin"ARum275TyranidsBugBoyzno
9. Tobias aka "Hang24th"AInnsbruck42The InquisitionBlackandWhiteno
10. (anonym)-Space MarinesBlackandWhiteno
11. Sebastian aka "slimsebi"AInnsbruck28NecronsGreater Catanno
12. Manuel aka "Manni91"AInnsbruck342T'au EmpireGreater Catanno

List of teams

Registered teams
1Die Horden der BärgmänchenGoribaer, SirSigurd
2Andi+StixStixinator, wargear77
3ChickenwingNumberM, update
4BugBoyzBloodyNoob, Sebelin
5BlackandWhiteHang24th, (anonym)
6Greater Catanslimsebi, Manni91

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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