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SDA: Tournoi des fiefs méditerranéens - List of Participants

1. Anthony aka "Puech"FSt Jean Du Gard35The Fellowshipyesyes
2. Thibaud aka "Thorongil34"FMontpellier109HaradBataille 1D6yesyes
3. Charles aka "CharlesJohn"FSarrians56The EasterlingsVive le Sudyesyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
4. Olivier aka "Olive"FMeyreuil169Cirith UngolLes Uruks de l'ombrenono
5. Alex aka "AlexCamp"FFrejus-Mordornono
6. Denis aka "Gazpashow"FBéziers138Minas TirithLes Nains Capablesnono
7. Jérémie aka "Olympia"FVelaux225Thranduil's HallsArmée du Nordnoyes
8. Jeremie aka "Bob-razowski"FMoureze-MoriaBataille 1D6noyes
9. Vincent aka "Vinnie"FMontpellier-Barad-dûrBataille 1D6nono
10. Théo aka "Earnur"FMontpellier-Khazad-dûmBataille 1D6nono

Distribution of Armies
The Easterlings:1
The Fellowship:1
Distribution of Origins
Gard (30):1
Hérault (34):1
Vaucluse (84):1
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