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The Art of Warp - 40K en équipe 2x1000pts - 1ère Ed. - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Cyril aka "Skif"FVillemomble1528Thousand SonsWarmageddonno0
2. Artus aka "Vect"FAsnières Sur Seine1527Blood AngelsWarmageddonno0
3. (anonym)-Necronsmy pocketno0
4. Xavier aka "Yarrix"FClichy544Chaos KnightsAction Gi Joeno0
5. Christophe aka "Totof77"FVieux Champagne1371Thousand SonsLes Brie Boyzno0
6. Jérôme aka "horif"FVaires sur Marne1651Dark AngelsLes Brie Boyzno0
7. Florian aka "f4op"FSucy En Brie224Chaos Space MarinesLa XX légionno0
8. Loïc aka "Lolo-"FNeuilly-Plaisance319Imperial KnightsLa XX légionno0
9. Alexis aka "Decapopod"FGagny-Space MarinesLes Zoisillonsno0
10. Jules aka "BULBIZAR"FLe Mesnil Le Roi539NecronsTeam Fuguno0
11. Aurélien aka "Federourou"FMontreuil575Chaos Space MarinesLes Neuneuils de la Terreurno0
12. Nicolas aka "yoda73"FSt germain en laye1784Imperial KnightsCobra kaino0
13. Ronald aka "Elways"FBagneux117Adeptus MechanicusLes sauceursno0
14. (anonym)-EldarLes touristesno0
15. Nicolas aka "Ushrim"FChavenay304Chaos Space MarinesLes sauceursno0
16. Franck aka "Doomhammer"FSt Germain En Laye262Thousand Sonscuir moustacheno0

List of teams

Registered teams
1WarmageddonSkif, Vect
2my pocket(anonym)
3Action Gi JoeYarrix
4Les Brie BoyzTotof77, horif
5La XX légionf4op, Lolo-
6Les ZoisillonsDecapopod
8Les Neuneuils de la TerreurFederourou
9Cobra kaiyoda73
10Les sauceursElways, Ushrim
11Les touristes(anonym)
12cuir moustacheDoomhammer

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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