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star wars légion by les squigs du nord - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Florian aka "Dark-Florian"FMarck92Shadow CollectiveLes Squigs du Nordnono
2. Simon aka "Nihilus62"FCalais144Shadow CollectiveDarth Maul's Loyalistnono
3. Nataël aka "Natalasorus"FMarck212Galactic RepublicSquigs du nordnono
4. Florian aka "bubulle"FMarck161RebelsSquigs du nordnono
5. James aka "Horusiel"FLille-Galactic Republicnono
6. Patrick aka "Katsumoto"FVilleneuve D'ascq17Empirenono
7. Angelina aka "Angel62natsu"FCalais194RebelsSquigs du nordnono
8. Sean aka "Aryhas"FLille107Shadow Collectivenono
9. Thomas aka "Varathorn-totojako"FRaimbeaucourt119SeparatistsL'Alliancenono
10. Naim aka "Naim_Grisou"FMarck-SeparatistsSquigs du nordnono
11. Christophe aka "arhabal"FCalais102EmpireLes Squigs du Nordnono
12. Geoffrey aka "azakiel62"FCalais78Separatistsnono

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