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Winterclash 2022 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Jens aka "Darth-Pimmelmann"DCelle56Sylvan ElvesTeam Oldschoolnono
2. David aka "Lissi"DGanderkesee10Dread ElvesDie Deichgrafennono
3. Benjamin aka "Prophet_of_Truth"DHannover27Empire of SonnstahlWCH-Nerdi By Naturenono
4. Daniel aka "Herby"DGanderkesee11Ogre KhansDie Deichgrafennono
5. Ricardo aka "PaterLeXx"DHamburg43Orcs and GoblinsWCH-Nerdi By Naturenono
6. Joachim aka "melcher"DOldenburg104Dread ElvesTeam Oldschoolnono
7. Jan aka "Gwydion"DHamburg58Dread ElvesSeaport Raidersnono
8. Lars aka "Laurentius"DHamburg94Dwarven Holdsnono
9. Marc aka "TheMangler"DKiel41Empire of SonnstahlNorthland Slayersnono
10. Thorsten aka "Rigger"DEckernförde57Dwarven HoldsNorthland Slayersnono
11. Nils aka "Goblinmeista"DHamburg19Dread ElvesTeam Oldschoolnono
12. Maurice aka "Morris91"DBremen249Sylvan ElvesDie Deichgrafennono
13. Tore aka "Langbart"DGreifswald8Dread ElvesTeam Toughnessnono
14. Malte aka "Albatross"DBerlin384Vampire CovenantEisern Würfelnnono
15. Oliver aka "Comandante"DHamburg210Sylvan ElvesWCH-Nerdi By Naturenono
16. Björn aka "Cold-blooded"DRostock275Saurian AncientsA Song of Ass and Firenono
17. Marc aka "RagnaroekHH"DHamburg113Sylvan ElvesTTSnono
18. Stephan aka "Nesro"DBonn341Ogre KhansPrivateer Poza Boysnono
19. Jannik aka "Greedymeyer"DGanderkesee131Orcs and Goblinsnono
20. Jonas aka "grossmaul2130"DHamburg111Kingdom of EquitaineSeaport Raidersnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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