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Ligue des Forges de Lumière - Saison 2022 / 2023 - Partie 1 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Jérôme aka "Berzy"FCarcassonne639Chaos Space MarinesGrabugenono
2. Arthur aka "tutur"FToulouse105Adepta SororitasMachomen'snono
3. Pierre aka "Hicks31"FLabège163T'au EmpireMachomen'snono
4. Greg aka "KAISER81"FAlbi269Astra MilitarumUnicorn bolter powernono
5. Pierre aka "Sinzera"FToulouse282Adepta SororitasUnicorn bolter powernono
6. Julien aka "Bubu"FToulouse-The InquisitionMachomen'snono
7. Rene aka "maul_wurf"FMerville2401Space WolvesWargames32nono
8. Michael aka "TheIcedTea"FTournefeuille-Blood AngelsSalade Tomate Oignonnono
9. Julien aka "TicSon"FCastanet-Tolosan78TyranidsMarmotte de la galaxynono

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