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From hell project - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Gautier aka "Zeg"FLille47EldarCmbno
2. Pierre-Olivier aka "P-O"FLambersart1880Grey KnightsNorth is comingno
3. Frederic aka "ShasoA"FRichebourg1374T'au Empireno
4. Clément aka "izipizi"FCroix337TyranidsNorth is comingno
5. Alexis aka "Poulpy"FArras294NecronsDTCno
6. Yannick aka "Tularis"FLens288TyranidsLe Trône de Terrano
7. William aka "Pake"FLille60OrksLegio invictano
8. Benjamin aka "Draner"FLille118Blood AngelsNorth is comingno
9. Jean Baptiste aka "Urik"FArras232Adepta SororitasDTCno
10. Matthias aka "Macaroni"FLille124Chaos KnightsLegio invictano
11. David aka "Biggil"FSt Andre Lez Lille-Blood AngelsNorth is comingno
12. Geoffrey aka "DjiBi"FRaimbeaucourt1880T'au EmpireNorth is comingno
13. Clément aka "1mpact"FLille192EldarNorth is comingno
14. Louis aka "Warghluf"FArras223Astra MilitarumNorth is comingno
15. Matthieu aka "Mattth"FBéthune147EldarLe Trône de Terrano
16. Kevin aka "Vink"FLILLE1313Death GuardCmbno
17. David aka "Vorak"FMarcq-En-Baroeul194T'au EmpireCmbno
18. Conrad aka "ozyimandias"FSavignies1893Necronsle saint hobbyno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
There are no registrations yet...
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