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AOS TABLERAZE TOURNAMENT Aout 2022 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Christophe aka "Gaheriet"FCastelnau Le Lez141Sylvanethno
2. Arnaud aka "Termmit"FMontpellier585Orruk Warclansno
3. Nicolas aka "drarouge"FMontpellier714Stormcast Eternalsno
4. Jules aka "Harakonnien"FSaint Clément De Rivière-Slaves to Darknessno
5. Pierre aka "Jakarn"FMontpellier716Maggotkin of NurgleJakarnno
6. Julien aka "Witty"FMontpellier-Nighthauntno
7. Renaud aka "Renarion"FCastelnau-le-Lez696Stormcast EternalsGom jabbarno
8. Maxime aka "Erelone"FVillemoisson sur Orges-Maggotkin of Nurgleno
9. Yoann aka "Disasters"FBeziers-Ossiarch Bonereapersno
10. Laurent aka "Liet-Haderach"FLE CRES305Ossiarch Bonereapersno

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