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Clandestival - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Gildas aka "EuphoriA"FNancy397TyranidsSector Gallicusno
2. Michel aka "Xalma"FSaint-Avold48NecronsFuseurs Lorrainsno
3. Amine aka "Minh"FBischheim24NecronsFuseurs Lorrainsno
4. Ludo aka "Bob_le_Vorace"FStrasbourg45TyranidsFuseurs Lorrainsno
5. Florian aka "Crataegus"FLongeville Les Saint Avold66Chaos DaemonsFuseurs Lorrainsno
6. Gary aka "Aegon"FVille Issey72Chaos Space MarinesFuseurs Lorrainsno
7. Cyrille aka "Chtamla"FZinswiller64Imperial KnightsFuseurs Lorrainsno
8. Ludovic aka "Lugo"FStrasbourg17EldarFuseurs Lorrainsno
9. Jimmy aka "JNEX"FNancy2348Chaos Space MarinesSector Gallicusno
10. Sam aka "IRRADIANT"FDieulouard445Blood AngelsDakkasutrano
11. Frédéric aka "Shagrath54"FCustines1096Orksno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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