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Tueurs d'orks is back! - List of Participants

1. Julien aka "Bowser33"FBruges249Chaos Space MarinesMais Oui Come Onyesno
2. Nicolas aka "Oamde"FCucugnan245T'au EmpireMais Oui Come Onyesno
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
3. Stéphane aka "madmort"FPrayssas479Chaos Space Marinespop popnono
4. Alex aka "sylost666"FPérigueux-NecronsLes cochons sur sangliersnono
5. Anthony aka "Silvarin"FPérigueux3106Astra MilitarumLa purge de l'impériumnono
6. David aka "Galwyn"FCAHORS305TyranidsPhénixnono
7. Raffael aka "Raff2400"FPerigeux2990TyranidsLes cochons sur sangliersnono
8. Mathieu aka "guimavapa"FBertric-Burée3755TyranidsLes extraterrestresnono
9. Jonathan aka "Malhun"FVilleurbanne101Chaos Space MarinesNiania Teamnono
10. Benjamin aka "kouign_amman"FVilleurbanne225T'au EmpireNiania Teamnono
11. Roubault aka "ProfNurgle"FBrive-La-Gaillarde-NecronsLes extraterrestresnono
12. Aurelien aka "SaulTarvitz"FPérigueux1928Space MarinesLa purge de l'impériumnono
13. (anonym)-Space MarinesPorn 40knono
14. Daniel aka "Sitsu"FBoulazac3401T'au EmpireGundamRootnono
15. Maxime aka "maxgorthor"FPérigueux-HarlequinsPorn 40knono
16. Clément aka "Hadariel"FChâteau-L'évêque2443Death GuardGundamRootnono

List of teams

1Mais Oui Come OnBowser33, Oamde
Registered teams
2pop popmadmort
3Les cochons sur sanglierssylost666, Raff2400
4La purge de l'impériumSilvarin, SaulTarvitz
6Les extraterrestresguimavapa, ProfNurgle
7Niania TeamMalhun, kouign_amman
8Porn 40k(anonym), maxgorthor
9GundamRootSitsu, Hadariel

Distribution of Armies
Chaos Space Marines:1
T'au Empire:1
Distribution of Origins
Aude (11):1
Gironde (33):1
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