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Battle Of Fun Rousies Warhammer 40k - Doublette 2v2 - List of Participants

1. Christophe aka "Tof_f"FValenciennes-DrukhariLes poulets du chaosyes
2. Bertrand aka "Bejos"FMennevret-Chaos DaemonsLes poulets du chaosyes
3. Nicolas aka "WookieKebab"FBachant1050OrksXenos Unitedyes
4. Gregory aka "GregPN"FFourmies1901T'au EmpireNurgle Club(e)yes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
5. Alexis aka "Poulpy"FArras364NecronsDTCno
6. Jean Baptiste aka "Urik"FArras283Adepta SororitasDTCno
7. Didier aka "Agemman"FMecquignies2275EldarLes commissaires aux longues oreno
8. Lemaire aka "ibram"FFerriere La Grande2275Astra MilitarumLes commissaires aux longues oreno

Distribution of Armies
Chaos Daemons:1
T'au Empire:1
Distribution of Origins
Nord (59):3
Aisne (02):1
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