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Niendorf X-Wing Tournament - List of Participants

1. Nils aka "DannManTau"DBardowick167Galactic RepublicPigDogsyes
2. Sebastian aka "Sephebos"DHamburg15Galactic Empireyes
3. Björn aka "Bobby802"DKiel17Rebel AllianceAlex & Björnyes
4. Alexander aka "luke732"DKiel19Rebel AllianceAlex & Björnyes
5. Peter aka "Mighty"DHamburg9First OrderSouth Side Banditsyes
6. Martin aka "Skullsworn"DHamburg964Galactic Empireyes
7. Michael aka "Woodpecker"DHamburg135Galactic Republicyes
8. Kolja aka "Bolofar"DHamburg52Rebel AllianceLasergurkenyes

Distribution of Armies
Rebel Alliance:3
Galactic Empire:2
Galactic Republic:2
First Order:1
Distribution of Origins
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