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Chroniques de l'Hérésie X (dimanche) - List of Participants

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1. Thibault aka "SgtFurius"FNoisiel-Dark AngelsLoyalistesyesno
2. Frederic aka "Cocorax"FÉtréchy-Space WolvesLoyalistesyesno
3. Frédéric aka "lordnapalm"FParis-Iron WarriorsRenégatsyesno
4. Arnaud aka "Arnaz"FPanazol-Blood AngelsRenégatsyesno
5. Luc aka "Skyrundas"FBoulogne-Billancourt-Night LordsRenégatsyesno
6. Mickaël aka "Grimald"FLyon-Imperial FistsLoyalistesyesno
7. Julien aka "Le_Crabe"FPantin-Legiones Astartes (unnamed)nono
8. Benoît aka "Poin-Poin"FParis-Night LordsRenégatsyesno
9. Sylvain aka "Garta"FAthis-Mons-Taghmata OmnissiahRenégatsyesno
10. Bruno aka "Adruss"FAthis Mons-SalamandersLoyalistesnono
11. Antonin aka "Itkea"FGif Sur Yvette-Death GuardRenégatsyesno
12. Nicolas aka "MrZorg"FTorcy-Blood AngelsLoyalistesnono
13. Frédéric aka "JackDaniel"FLognes-UltramarinesLoyalistesnono
14. Guillaume aka "MrFlibble"FClermont-Ferrand-World EatersRenégatsnono
15. Clement aka "Argel_Tal"FBoulogne-White ScarsLoyalistesyesno
16. Justin aka "Justaerin"FPalaiseau-Sons of HorusRenégatsyesno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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