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6 eme tournoi MCP Maxireves - List of Participants

1. François aka "Cyttorak"FÉzanville-Pour la cité d'or, Asgard !!Asgardyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
2. Berenger aka "LordBeber"FRouen106AsgardiensLes chimèresno
3. Baptiste aka "Bachelkana"FSotteville-Lès-Rouen86GardiensLes Chimèresno
4. Jonathan aka "punisherx62x"FCalais16AsgardPunish teamno
5. Maxendre aka "lajacket"FSaint-Pierre-Sur-Dives38BBB (Big Bad Band)no
6. Tony aka "Orophin"FSacquenville22MarvelLes Tontons Fling'Eureno
7. Geoffrey aka "azakiel62"FCalais49Batmanno
8. Mickael aka "spacelouloup"FLa Neuville Du Bosc10mega badno
9. (anonym)-SurpriseSurpriseno
10. David aka "D_D2"FLille57Taxidermie - ThanatopraxieMarvel Crisis Protocol Nordno
11. Jean-Christophe aka "Fantomas"FMontmorency29Les sept.....no
12. Thierry aka "Thierry-ASOIAF"FVilliers Sur Marne37black orderno
13. Stéphane aka "Drach"FTaverny41AvengerRebel's Yellno
14. Olivier aka "Psiolivier"FNotre Dame De Bondeville39Hydra, oups c'est plutot CabalPsiolivierno
15. Willy aka "Will-y"FAngers19AsgardLes Carcajousno
16. Stanislas aka "SpiderStan"FAngers46Web WarriorsLes Carcajousno
17. David aka "Olosta12"FVanves-Web warrior/SpiderfoesLes colvertsno
18. Nicolas aka "Mcbrain"FClamart23asgardLes colvertsno
19. Gabriel aka "Captain_Gab"FClamart98AvengersLes colvertsno
20. Erwan aka "StaLoutre"FTrappes6Cabalno
21. Aaron aka "AaronL"FCalais-Gardien de la galaxieno

Distribution of Armies
Pour la cité d'or, Asgard !!:1
Distribution of Origins
Val-d'Oise (95):1
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