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BB-Spiele Star Wars X-Wing 2.5 Turnier Oktober 2022 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Michael aka "Malazath"DMünchen38Scum and VillainySquadrona Bavariaeno
2. Nikolaus aka "Yuleooze"DRegensburg148Scum and VillainySquadrona Bavariaeno
3. Markus aka "bumei"DRosenheim330Scum and VillainySQUADRONA BAVARIAEno
4. Sven aka "hygroph"DMünchen12Galactic EmpireSquadrona Bavariaeno
5. Markus aka "mfive"DMünchen8First OrderSurfschule Tatooineno
6. Stefan aka "kowalski"DNürnberg204ResistanceSquadrona Bavariaeno
7. Diego aka "el_Diego"DMünchen122Galactic EmpireSquadrona Bavariaeno
8. Michael aka "Opa-Dos"DNürnberg240Rebel AllianceMetablockerno
9. Gerhard aka "Spaceshuttle_30"DNürnberg902First OrderMetablockerno
10. Manuel aka "the_only_117"DOttobrunn152Galactic EmpireSquadrona Bavariaeno
11. Thomas R.DRosenheim-Scum and Villainyno
12. Holger aka "HGwood"DRegensburg-Separatist Allianceno

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