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Tanks to the East - List of Participants

1. Dorian aka "Pedsi"DBerlin-US Armyyesno
2. Johannes aka "scaly"DBerlin247US Armyyesyes
3. Martin aka "Waterliner"DHamburg34Soviet ArmyIG Bolt Action Küsteyesno
4. Rene´ aka "Vulpes"DLutherstadt Wittenberg128German ArmyKatzen im Sackyesno
5. Mark aka "Muffinman"DLutherstadt Wittenberg122US ArmyKatzen im Sackyesno
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
6. Felix aka "Spiky"DParchim79German ArmyIG Bad Oldesloenono
7. Christopher aka "Querox"DBerlin209German Armynono
8. Stephan aka "DerPraesi"DBerlin-German ArmyGIMPsnono

Distribution of Armies
US Army:3
German Army:1
Soviet Army:1
Distribution of Origins
Lutherstadt Wittenberg:2
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