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Grand Tournoi Paris n2, 1000pts, warhammer 40 000 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Alexandre aka "Alexandre40k"FParis-Necronsnono
2. (anonym)-Blood Angelsnono
3. Joé aka "Zolkov"FIssy-les-Moulineaux385The InquisitionFrom Nowhere Playersnono
4. Franck aka "Le-Joueur-Fantome"FAlfortville4844Necronsnono
5. Quentin aka "VeteriniXII"FParis3553Chaos Daemonsnono
6. Pierre-André aka "AunElShira"FSaint-Denis-T'au EmpireFrom Nowhere Playersnono
7. Arthur aka "luluty"FGroslay-Chaos Daemonsnono
8. Vincent aka "Sparda"FBréau-TyranidsSpardanono
9. Benoit aka "Burning-Map"FParis1702Adepta Sororitasnono
10. Thibault aka "Angry_Waifu"FAlfortville3932Chaos Space Marinesnono
11. Marwan aka "centurius"FPerpignan586Adepta Sororitasnono
12. Alexis aka "Octopus"FNancy353Ynnarinono
13. Mathieu aka "Ragnar_ork"FParis-Orksnono
14. Antonin aka "Insidile"FParis1546Harlequinsnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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