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X-Wing Herbstturnier 2022 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Manuel aka "ManuCumbia"CHBern231Rebel Allianceno
2. Martin aka "Dragon_King"CHZürich2Scum and VillainyDagobah Swamp Forceno
3. Mirco aka "Emisro"CHBern14Scum and VillainySouth Center Pacifistsno
4. Cyril aka "cybu"CHOstermundigen4ResistanceKrayt Dragonsno
5. Martin aka "Heledar"CHZumikon6Galactic RepublicDagobah Swamp Forceno
6. Luiz aka "DecoRodrigues"CHNeuchatel163Rebel Allianceno
7. Nilo aka "Nilojanic"CHOstermundigen31First OrderKrayt Dragonsno
8. Michael aka "Ironli"CHBern-Rebel Allianceno
9. Lukas aka "Obi_Wan_Nihilus"CHWetzikon1Resistanceno
10. Willi aka "Narosch"CHBenglen18Galactic RepublicDagobah Swamp Forceno
11. Fitzgerald aka "Fitzge"FLa Crau53Galactic Empireno
12. Andrea aka "Idrasil"CHLausanne27Scum and VillainyYolono

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Distribution of Origins
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