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60. Mayener X-Wing Turnier - Standard Format (Nachholtermin) - List of Participants

1. Marcel aka "Qbyrd"DKoblenz14First OrderExpendable Squadronyes
2. Ronald aka "DaObaboss"DAndernach - Namedy44Separatist AllianceRogerRogeryes
3. Nico aka "Mandalorian"DKoblenz177Galactic Republicyes
4. Daniel aka "Tutti"DBraubach191Galactic Empireyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
5. Philip aka "Eddie"DPolch141First Orderno
6. Niko aka "Smiling_Face"DKoblenz1223Separatist Allianceno
7. Oliver aka "gonZaleZ"DUrmitz243Rebel AllianceExpendable Squadronno
8. Oliver aka "insi"DKoblenz105Rebel Allianceno
9. Bert aka "Hachimon"DMühlheim53Galactic EmpireÄbbelwoi Acesno
10. Patrick aka "Evan"DGrevenbroich128Scum and Villainyno
11. Rafael aka "Rafaroo"DBottrop29Separatist Allianceno

Distribution of Armies
First Order:1
Galactic Empire:1
Galactic Republic:1
Separatist Alliance:1
Distribution of Origins
Andernach - Namedy:1
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