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Warmistice 2022 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Amine aka "Minh"FStrasbourg17NecronsFuseurs Lorrainsnono
2. Cyrille aka "Chtamla"FZinswiller61OrksFuseurs Lorrainsnono
3. Gary aka "Aegon"FVille Issey95Chaos Space MarinesFuseurs Lorrainsnono
4. Patrice aka "Black-Captain-57"FMontigny-Les-Metz521Chaos Space MarinesLes Licornes Truquéesnono
5. Ludo aka "Bob_le_Vorace"FStrasbourg28The InquisitionFuseurs Lorrainsnono
6. Ludovic aka "Lugo"FStrasbourg10EldarFuseurs Lorrainsnono
7. Frédéric aka "Shagrath54"FCustines2107Orksnono
8. Régis aka "El_Vitrificator"FALBE559Chaos KnightsStrastegienono
9. Matt aka "Prad_Bitt"LSoleuvre1590Necronsnono
10. Denis aka "Dragon_57"FMontigny Les Metz264Chaos Daemonsnono
11. Loukas aka "loukas"FCoiffy Le Bas5Genestealer CultsFuseurs lorrainsnono
12. Anthony aka "Tomby"FMontigny-lès-Metz96Imperial KnightsFuseurs Lorrainsnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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