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Age of Asgard - Hiver 2022 - List of Participants

1. Charles aka "Helscar"FBois-Guillaume54Beasts of Chaosyesyes
2. Antoine aka "Spurs5378"FAmfreville-La-Mi-Voie777Stormcast EternalsEsprit ludiqueyesyes
3. Florian aka "Luffy76300"FSotteville-lès-Rouen364NighthauntEsprit ludiqueyesyes
4. Leo aka "LeGrandRouin"FRouen369Skavenyesyes
5. Alban aka "Alban"FLe Mesnil Esnard1292Daughters of Khaineyesyes
6. Pierrick L.FBolleville-SylvanethLes ultimes guerriersyesyes
7. Paul aka "Zbouby"FRouen389Orruk Warclansyesyes
8. Quentin aka "Kenchin-UZURA"FRouen679Disciples of Tzeentchyesyes
9. Corentin aka "Cocolagangrene"FBarentin862Maggotkin of Nurgleyesyes
10. Adrien aka "Aku04"FLe Houlme-Stormcast Eternalsyesyes
11. Mathias aka "MR_Thias"FRouen594Ogor MawtribesWinter is comingyesno
12. Clément aka "Clement"FRouen271Legions of Nagashyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Stormcast Eternals:2
Beasts of Chaos:1
Daughters of Khaine:1
Disciples of Tzeentch:1
Legions of Nagash:1
Maggotkin of Nurgle:1
Ogor Mawtribes:1
Orruk Warclans:1
Distribution of Origins
Seine-Maritime (76):12
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