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Bash Ludik Le Retour - List of Participants

1. Damien aka "Dreadgnout"FBonneville863Adepta SororitasGorkzillayesyes
2. Stéphane aka "Von_Kruger"FAix Les Bains641Chaos KnightsRSLyesyes
3. Guillaume A.FAnnecy-Adepta Sororitasyesyes
4. François aka "Fef"FVillard Bonnot1630Necronsyesyes
5. Frederic aka "tchoss"FMenthonnex-Sous-Clermont569Chaos Space MarinesError 40kyesyes
6. Maxime aka "Mev"FThonon Les Bains732DrukhariError 40kyesyes
7. Gabriel aka "Chosen987"FThonon-Les-Bains2542Death GuardDrôle mais pas queyesyes
8. Nicolas aka "Galdrian"FBernex6951Adepta SororitasDrôle mais pas queyesyes
9. Maxime aka "Khaldoris"FAlbertville1571Imperial Knightsyesyes
10. David aka "Mirndri"FMarcellaz383Blood AngelsKEEP CALM AND KILL THE HERETIQUEyesyes
11. Anthony aka "geriko74"FAllinges1475Thousand Sonsyesyes
12. Ludovic aka "smilee"FSeyssel725Leagues of Votannyesyes

Distribution of Armies
Adepta Sororitas:3
Blood Angels:1
Chaos Knights:1
Chaos Space Marines:1
Death Guard:1
Imperial Knights:1
Leagues of Votann:1
Thousand Sons:1
Distribution of Origins
Haute-Savoie (74):8
Savoie (73):2
Ain (01):1
Isère (38):1
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