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Muton noir d'hiver - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Julien aka "MyNicknameIsBetterThanYours"FBourges11UndeadLa Charge des figurinesyes
2. Alain aka "Sanglior"FCouy14VarangurLes Hérauts de Morriganeyes
3. Christophe aka "Boratkunecouille"FSancergues4GoblinsLes Héraults de Moriganeno
4. Mathieu aka "oursinet"FSt Doulchard17DwarfsLa Charge des figurinesyes
5. Kevin aka "Ketep"FAureil5Trident Realms of NeriticaMagisteres lemovices forbannisyes
6. Valentin aka "Waszazen"FCouy13Sylvan KinLes Hérauts de Morriganeyes
7. Arthur aka "AVL"FBueil27RatkinCRJHyes
8. Quentin aka "kentx"FRouen35HalflingsCRJHyes
9. Bastien aka "Blackkfury"FCouy74The HerdLes Hérauts de Morriganeno
10. Michel aka "Kutchuc"FToulouse8DwarfsOrk'n azesyes
11. Kevin aka "firegantelet"FSAINT-DOULCHARD19NightstalkersLa Charge des figurinesyes
12. Nicolas aka "Nayko_le_Rat"FSilhac6RatkinLes Rats Corruptiblesyes
13. Laurent aka "BOSS"FRodez15League of RhordiaOrk'n Azesyes
14. Céleste aka "Jarekson"FSaint Jean Chambre28Order of the Green LadyLes Rats Corruptiblesyes
15. Liam aka "Liam_Silence"FGrenoble116NightstalkersLes Rats Corruptiblesyes
16. Jean Luc aka "Pepestilence"FLimoges-UndeadMagisteres lemovices forbannisyes
17. David aka "Tristelune"FBourges-Sylvan Kinyes
18. Laurent aka "Varesko"FLimoges51Ogresno
19. Eric aka "LeVil1"FGien65Twilight Kinyes
20. Albin aka "Lyhnnae"FBourges-VarangurLa Charge des figurinesyes
21. Thierry aka "El_chatardo"FLa Salvetat St Gilles2GoblinsOrk'n azesyes
22. Jonathan aka "JohnGWS"FMoncaup-NightstalkersGWSyes
23. Gauthier aka "TheRedPreacher2"FCorbère-Abères-Free DwarfsGWSyes
24. Rachid aka "Le_Cul_de_Jatte"FGermignac3Free Dwarfsl'equipe qui defourailleno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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