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Tournoi W40k de l'Antre du Dragon - List of Participants

1. Paul aka "Help"FMouroux758Death GuardHistoire et Légendeyes0
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
2. Mathieu aka "MatAll"FVernon2084Chaos Space Marinesno0
3. Martin aka "Usaghi"FChampigny-Sur-Marne1850Thousand Sonsno0
4. Samuel aka "SamHL"FNoisiel-Space MarinesHistoire et Légendeno0
5. Romain aka "Lord_Vortigern"FCerneux656NecronsHistoire et Légendeno0
6. Mathias aka "valrek97"FAulnay-Sous-Bois-Chaos Space MarinesHistoire et Légendeno0
7. Quentin aka "Gros-quick"FClaye-Souilly452Grey KnightsLVBBWno0

Distribution of Armies
Death Guard:1
Distribution of Origins
Seine-et-Marne (77):1
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