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La 9° sphère d'expansion II - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Maximilien aka "Max_NooB"FBrignoles3133Dark AngelsPiraaaaaatesnono
2. Jonathan aka "Blusky"FBrignoles-Tyranids9lunesnono
3. Albert aka "AstraGK"FRocbaron-Grey Knights9lunesnono
4. Malik aka "poulidor"FAix En Provence23Space WolvesNo Namenono
5. Eric aka "Aod"FTrets983Adeptus CustodesAJSAnono
6. Loic aka "Chamalo"FMarseille2326TyranidsEstoucadenono
7. Benjamin P.FBrignoles-Adepta SororitasPiraaaaaatesnono
8. Jonathan aka "Rougeathan"FToulon895Death GuardPèfenono
9. Julien aka "Wolfister"FSix-Fours Les Plages221Space WolvesWolf Brothersnono
10. Sebastien aka "SebB"FSix-Fours Les Plages270T'au EmpireWolf Brothersnono
11. Guillaume aka "Rorschach-"FSix-Fours200TyranidsBoys de la radenono
12. Sebastien aka "Monsta"FLa Garde300Adeptus CustodesBoys de la radenono
13. Bruno aka "Alfa"FFréjus57Leagues of VotannPipou du CFVEnono
14. Fabrice aka "scaleo8357"FLe Muy137Adepta SororitasPipou du CFVEnono
15. Charles aka "Anthanora"FCogolin846Chaos Space Marines- -- -nono

List of teams

Registered teams
1PiraaaaaatesMax_NooB, Benjamin P.
29lunesBlusky, AstraGK
3No Namepoulidor
7Wolf BrothersWolfister, SebB
8Boys de la radeRorschach-, Monsta
9Pipou du CFVEAlfa, scaleo8357
10- -- -Anthanora

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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