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Namur En Force Chapître IX - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Tom aka "Tom_ep"BMechelen7Chaos DaemonsMiniature Mad Mennono
2. Marc aka "Necrosadeptus"BIsnes20NecronsBelgian Dogs Of Warnono
3. Dimitri aka "Lunar"BNamur4TyranidsNEFnono
4. Jorge aka "LionHeartt"BIxelles99Blood AngelsTabletop Ragenono
5. Yann aka "DocteurT"BEtterbeek14Deathwatchnono
6. Christophe aka "Caco"BNivelles68NecronsInglorious Bastardsnono
7. Jonathan aka "captule"BDinant11Chaos DaemonsBolt Club Gunnono

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Distribution of Origins
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