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CDA hiver 2023 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Alessandro aka "Xzibitus"FVitry Sur Seine1478Space MarinesLes Fils de Dornno0
2. Frédéric aka "Valendir"FSucy-en-Brie3976Adepta SororitasLes Fils de Dornno0
3. Rudy aka "Bald"FServon-Space Marinesno0
4. Christophe aka "grinlen"FLa Queue-En-Brie-Death Guardno0
5. Dylan aka "Dylb"FSucy En Brie3074OrksMECno0
6. Julien aka "alexei"FLimeil-Brévannes1456Space WolvesChanbara 20no0
7. Ahmed aka "PokPok"FBoissy Saint Léger782OrksCrazy Apesno0
8. Teddy aka "Docky"FArsure-Arsurette238Chaos DaemonsM.E.Cno0
9. Florian aka "f4op"FSucy En Brie221Chaos Space MarinesFTAno0
10. William M.FParis-Space Wolvesno0
11. Simon aka "Itto_"FCrest-Eldarno0
12. Ludovic aka "Xenomorph"FSavigny Sur Orge1176Adeptus Custodesno0

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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