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6. Erfurter Puffbohnencup - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Christian aka "Teddy82"DRadebeul853Chaos Space Marinesnono
2. Martin aka "Etrigan"DBeeskow1088Chaos KnightsTTSC-FFO e.V.nono
3. Philip aka "Phili"DLeipzig-Space MarinesTabletop Sachsennono
4. Alexander aka "Zealcore"DHann. Münden144Chaos KnightsBananaboisnono
5. Christian aka "Lord_Sharka"DBerlin327Chaos Space MarinesGIMPsnono
6. (anonym)-TyranidsDresden Crusader GmbHnono
7. Marcus aka "Lord_Asurmen"DBerlin2011NecronsGIMPsnono
8. Andreas aka "Deadbuthappy"DDresden447The InquisitionDresden Crusader GmbHnono
9. Nico aka "Oltyx"DNordhausen937NecronsTabletopclub Erfurt e.V.nono
10. Manuel aka "Berades"DBayreuth30TyranidsTTCBnono
11. Alexander aka "Karzten_K"DOschersleben1080Chaos Space Marinesnono
12. Marcel aka "Fury"DDresden1546Grey KnightsDice kitchennono
13. Nico aka "Sterni"DHalle-Thousand SonsTabletop Sachsennono
14. Thorsten aka "panicgouda"DBerlin8NecronsGIMPsnono
15. Joel aka "Aldo_R"DLeipzig-Thousand SonsTabletop Sachsennono
16. Jonas aka "akite"DBerlin119Chaos Space MarinesGIMPsnono
17. Marc aka "Oshikuru92"DBad Driburg2107Astra Militarumnono
18. Alexander aka "Wargaming-dude"DStadtilm610Adeptus CustodesTabletopclub Erfurt e.V.nono
19. Andre aka "Adlerhost"DWeimar1171Dark AngelsDICEFUXXERSnono

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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