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LSDA 600 pts LORIENT - List of Participants

1. Audric aka "Shaakal"FLes Lucs Sur Boulogne200The Easterlingsyes
2. Pierre aka "Amandil_Eremanth"FPloudaniel7Barad-dûrLes Suzerainsyes
3. Alexandre aka "Budalex"FSaint-Brieuc39Sharkey's RoguesLes Taverniersyes
4. Camille aka "KmiKz"FNantes-Barad-dûrNantes Squadronyes
5. Benjamin aka "Krand"FNantes18The Dwellers BelowLes ptits LUyes
6. Stanislas aka "Gilldorc"FParis16The Rangers of IthilienLes Taverniersyes
7. Egan aka "Winny22"FMégrit-Rivendellyes
8. Julien aka "1RaFaL"FVigneux De Bretagne220Théoden's HostNantes Squadronyes
9. Clement aka "Keni"FLanester124RivendellAledyes
10. Brice aka "Tarask"FBrains-UmbarLes ptits LUyes
11. Nicolas aka "ordalium"FPluneret131The Dead of Dunharrowyes
12. Charly aka "Drama"FBetton130Minas Tirithyes
13. Kevin aka "Woodchuck"FLa Roche Sur Yon-Umbaryes
14. Allan aka "Allanova"FPlouay618Théoden's HostRohan'core une foisyes

Distribution of Armies
Théoden's Host:2
Minas Tirith:1
Sharkey's Rogues:1
The Dead of Dunharrow:1
The Dwellers Below:1
The Easterlings:1
The Rangers of Ithilien:1
Distribution of Origins
Loire-Atlantique (44):4
Morbihan (56):3
Côtes d'Armor (22):2
Vendée (85):2
Finistère (29):1
Ille-et-Vilaine (35):1
Paris (75):1
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