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Infinity Weihnachtsturnier 2022 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Joshua U.DDresden-Corregidor Jurisdictional Commandno
2. Robin aka "FlashyFlash"DDresden87Japanese Secessionist Armyno
3. Patrick aka "Patte"DMeißen177Military OrdersDie Jungs fürs Grobeno
4. Max aka "Kiste"DLeipzig124Japanese Secessionist ArmyTabletop Sachsen e.V.no
5. Valeri aka "VBU"DLeipzig-Ramah TaskforceTabletop Sachsen e.V.no
6. (anonym)-ALEPHno
7. Thomas aka "RTC"DZwickau138Operations Subsection of the S.S.S.Tabletop Sachsenno
8. Lukas aka "Sirlolol"DRadeburg778Qapu Khalqino
9. Justus aka "Jumara"DLeipzig109Shasvastii Expeditionary ForceTabletop Sachsenno

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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