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French Wargame Café MCP – n2 – solo - Timeline Standard - List of Participants

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1. Benoît aka "Aybarra"FParis77Brotherhood of mutantsLes Carcajousnono
2. Sebastien aka "Basthyen"FChuisnes69AvengersLes Têtes Bruléesnono
3. Vincent aka "carcous"FPantin88Convocationnono
4. Sébastien aka "MetalBeerSolid"FL'Haÿ Les Roses1Confrérie des Mauvais MutantsThis Is PASTAT!!!nono
5. Franck aka "Alaric1"FColombes22AvengersStalag 13nono
6. (anonym)-Web warriorsKriss Krossnono

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