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Dreadaxe Corp.
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40k earns for peace - 1250 pts - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Paul aka "Redsloth"CHGenève8Space MarinesBuccaneersno0
2. Thomas aka "Kernam"CHGenève40Adepta Sororitasno0
3. Nathan aka "N-Style"CHPerly-Certoux99Chaos Space MarinesWePaintingno0
4. Adrien aka "EagleWarriors"CHBernex90Astra MilitarumWePaintingno0
5. Joao aka "jagsousa"CHLausanne77Dark Angelsno0
6. Adrien aka "Lythandyr"CHVevey-Adepta SororitasWePaintingno0
7. (anonym)-Space Wolvesno0
8. Naïm aka "Naimdb"FAnnecy-EldarFreelancerno0
9. Sidney aka "Kaizokusid"CHPalézieux39Chaos Space MarinesBuccaneersno0
10. Sebastien aka "edgar"CHSt-Aubin67NecronsBuccaneersno0
11. Rafael aka "Turbo_Raf"CHLutry48The InquisitionBuccaneersno0
12. Yanick aka "Ayrox"CHLausanne25Leagues of VotannBuccaneersno0
13. Raphael aka "pandeuss"CHEchallens136Astra MilitarumBuccaneersno0
14. Pierre aka "Pharol"CHBettens14Astra MilitarumBuccaneersno0
15. Klim aka "Inkognitus"CHLausanne169Thousand Sonsno0
16. Tynan aka "Tynan"CHPully-Death Guardno0
17. Yannick aka "Kalips"CHLausanne4TyranidsBuccaneersno0
18. (anonym)-Astra Militarumno0
19. Nicolas aka "Nikki"CHLausanne13Adeptus MechanicusMTBC#1no0
20. Justin aka "Miniwargamer"CHMaracon-Adepta Sororitasno0

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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