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Dreadaxe Corp.
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Ligue des Forges de Lumière - Saison 2022 / 2023 - Partie 5 - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Jérôme aka "Berzy"FCarcassonne706Chaos Space MarinesGrabugenono
2. Emmanuel aka "Celor"FFoix702TyranidsWargames Ariègenono
3. Michael aka "TheIcedTea"FTournefeuille346The InquisitionTheIcedTeamnono
4. Gus aka "Chaoslord09"FLapenne2102NecronsElpenor 09nono
5. Damien aka "valdams"FAuch1011Chaos KnightsAuch Wargamesyesno
6. David aka "mirco"FLherm828Space Wolvesla voie du thalosnono
7. Laurent aka "hetcate"FSAINT CLAR DE RIVIERE3303Necronsnono

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