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Springclash 2.0 2023 - List of Participants

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1. Marc aka "TheMangler"DKiel66Empire of SonnstahlTeam Pfiffigno
2. Marius aka "masterchief90"DDresden22Warriors of the Dark Godsd00m5h!t HuS0sno
3. Nils aka "Goblinmeista"DHamburg6Infernal Dwarvesno
4. Benjamin aka "Prophet_of_Truth"DHannover38Empire of Sonnstahlno
5. Björn aka "bernsi"DMelle-Vampire CovenantTeam Pfiffigno
6. Martin aka "Bersy"DParchim197ÅsklandersTeam Fassungslosno
7. Ricardo aka "PaterLeXx"DHamburg54Orcs and GoblinsWCH-Nerdi By Natureno
8. Jens aka "Darth-Pimmelmann"DCelle11The Vermin SwarmTeam Pfiffigno
9. Maurice aka "Terrorpie"DParchim200Dwarven HoldsTeam Fassungslosno

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