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Sparow: Les 8 royaumes POOL A - List of Participants

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1. Pierre aka "Attiladorn"FChasné Sur Illet-Hedonites of Slaaneshnono
2. Antony aka "Anto_LDP"FSt Sulpice La Forêt-Nighthauntnono
3. Marc aka "Dromar02"FQuimper-Kharadron OverlordsBreizh Teamnono
4. Jérémy aka "djedje35"FLanhélin928Sons of Behematnono
5. Sullivan aka "Grand_panda"FBilly-Montigny-Lumineth Realm-LordsL'alliancenono
6. Yann aka "darkcelt62"FHénin-Beaumont758Daughters of KhaineL'alliancenono

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