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Tower Conquest 40K GT - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Guillaume aka "Razorix"BHuy6TyranidsTeam BelRegno
2. Pierre aka "Pieroch"BHuy24Genestealer CultsTeam BelRegno
3. Kévin aka "Vesviper"BVitrival29Imperial KnightsTeam BelRegno
4. Thomas aka "Macga"BQuaregnon95Chaos DaemonsRandom troops unitedno
5. Guillaume aka "Guillou"BSeneffe2The InquisitionSaouls marinno
6. Gabriel aka "JeanClaudeVanGogh"BNamur10Astra MilitarumTeam BelRegno
7. Antoine aka "Dajobi13"BSart-Dames-Avelines9Leagues of VotannSaouls marinno
8. Nicolas aka "Absudrael"BOttignies18The InquisitionRandom troops unitedno
9. Tim aka "Tima86"BHodeige42NecronsRandom troops unitedno
10. Liam aka "palmito"BBruxelles1HarlequinsSaouls marinno
11. Pierre-Yves aka "AesirVidar"BTournai16Space MarinesSaouls marinno
12. Olivier aka "olioli"FVilleneuve d'Ascq178T'au Empirenorth is comingno
13. Jean-Yves aka "jae"BNivelles8Thousand SonsSaouls marinno
14. Yann aka "DocteurT"BEtterbeek14DeathwatchTeam BelRegno
15. Valentin aka "Nightwish59"FArmentieres-Thousand Sonsnorth is comingno
16. Gautier aka "Zeg"FLille133Astra Militarumnorth is comingno
17. Louis aka "Warghluf"FArras39Astra Militarumnorth is comingno
18. Marc aka "Necrosadeptus"BIsnes20NecronsBelgian Dogs Of Warno
19. Quentin aka "Cephulyre"BMolenbeek62Astra MilitarumLes Casseurs Flotteursno
20. Kevin aka "Kevsker"BBruxelles143Leagues of VotannLes Casseurs Flotteursno
21. Christophe aka "Caco"BNivelles68Chaos KnightsLes Casseurs Flotteursno
22. Philippe aka "Rafnaks"BBruxelles74OrksLes Casseurs Flotteursno
23. Daniil aka "Dani"BBruxelles78Death GuardLes Casseurs Flotteursno
24. Willems aka "Marrius"BGrâce Hollogne43Chaos DaemonsLiègea Primusno
25. Geoffrey aka "DjiBi"FRaimbeaucourt-Leagues of VotannNorth Is Coming Baby !no
26. Frederic aka "Soanito"FRichebourg-T'au EmpireNorth Is Coming Baby !no
27. Bart aka "Bdac"BGeraardsbergen3Chaos Space MarinesOld Worldno
28. Tom aka "Tom_ep"BMechelen7Chaos DaemonsOld Worldno
29. Kevin aka "Gunzed"BHerk-De-Stad55T'au EmpireOld Worldno
30. Matthias B.BBilzen-T'au EmpireOld Worldno
31. Stijn aka "Derpy"BOostende270DrukhariOld Worldno

List of teams

Registered teams
1Team BelRegRazorix, Pieroch, Vesviper, JeanClaudeVanGogh, DocteurT
2Random troops unitedMacga, Absudrael, Tima86
3Saouls marinGuillou, Dajobi13, palmito, AesirVidar, jae
4north is comingolioli, Nightwish59, Zeg, Warghluf
5Belgian Dogs Of WarNecrosadeptus
6Les Casseurs FlotteursCephulyre, Kevsker, Caco, Rafnaks, Dani
7Liègea PrimusMarrius
8North Is Coming Baby !DjiBi, Soanito
9Old WorldBdac, Tom_ep, Gunzed, Matthias B., Derpy

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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