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La Confrérie du Bolt'eure Acte 9 - List of Participants

1. Eric aka "Morchiswe"FRouen-Death GuardWargame Xyes
2. Fabien aka "Derek666"FGlos Sur Risle589T'au Empireyes
Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
3. Romain aka "Inquisitor_Twiggy"FTrouville Sur Mer848Grey KnightsOmbres et Lumièresno
4. Victor aka "Lebatard"FCantiers6951Space MarinesLe batardno
5. Sébastien aka "bastos"FDarnétal635HarlequinsAWJDno
6. Guillaume aka "Nooounours"FLa neuville champs d oisel2154Chaos Space MarinesWargame Xno
7. Guillaume aka "Ynnir"FRouen914Leagues of Votannno
8. Dorian aka "Nairod1410"FAmfreville-la-Mi-Voie365Space MarinesWargame Xno
9. Sébastien aka "Hert"FRouen235Grey KnightsWargame Xno
10. Nicolas aka "Nicron"FDieppe1223Necronsno
11. Julien aka "Juju27310"FBourg Achard1985Thousand Sonsno
12. Marc aka "Corvo_77"FBourg-Achard1336The InquisitionWargame Xno

Distribution of Armies
Death Guard:1
T'au Empire:1
Distribution of Origins
Eure (27):1
Seine-Maritime (76):1
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