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La Dame du Lac Léman II - List of Participants

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Registered Players - Sign up not final yet
1. Thomas aka "Samo"CHMisery17Orcs and GoblinsSons of Gamesno
2. Theo aka "Lord_Of_Dark_74"FAllèves44Highborn ElvesSons of Gamesno
3. Fabien aka "kitinik"FDouvaine12Warriors of the Dark GodsSons of Gamesno
4. Damien aka "Mad-"CHMartigny32Highborn ElvesSons of Gamesno
5. Arnaud aka "Arkalak"CHPréverenges6Daemon LegionsVouivre et laisser mourirno
6. Damien aka "Damdam"CHLausanne69Kingdom of EquitaineVouivre et laisser mourirno
7. Romain aka "Wargotad"CHMorrens30Highborn ElvesVouivre et laisser mourirno
8. Arthur aka "Gota"CHPlan-Les-Ouates127Empire of SonnstahlLes Jeunes Vétéransno
9. Oscar aka "Flougdd"CHBernex-Undying DynastiesLes Jeunes Vétéransno
10. Arthur aka "Kourat"CHPlan-Les-Ouates-Warriors of the Dark GodsLes Jeunes Vétéransno
11. Benoit aka "Strahd"FDivonne-Les-Bains-Vampire CovenantLes Jeunes Vétéransno
12. Raphaël aka "Gabriel"CHPont-De-La-Morge28Daemon LegionsFight Clubno
13. Mathieu aka "Math-CD"CHDüdingen2Ogre KhansSilverware Addictsno
14. Maxime aka "Lichemeister"CHFribourg3Vampire CovenantSilverware Addictsno
15. Thomas aka "TheLegend27"CHJouxtens16Sylvan ElvesDream of Jambonno
16. Victor aka "sevic"CHCorcelles36Sylvan ElvesDream of Jambonno
17. Martin aka "JohnWiff"CHZurich38Sylvan ElvesMaster Baitersno
18. Marco aka "eteocle"CHZürich22Vampire CovenantMaster Baitersno
19. Jules aka "Draclain"CHZürich-Orcs and GoblinsMaster Baitersno
20. Paul aka "polux"CHMontmollin15Sylvan ElvesDream of Jambonno
21. Ralph aka "Grabuge"CHGenève43Warriors of the Dark GodsMaster Baitersno
22. Tiziano aka "Tipiz"CHVessy7Kingdom of EquitaineRendez-nous le bronze!no
23. Olivier aka "HARDSTYLE"CHBelmont-Sur-Lausanne9Beast HerdsRendez-nous le bronze!no
24. Raphaël aka "Mibola"CHGenève5Warriors of the Dark GodsRendez-nous le bronze!no
25. Enzo aka "palesti1"CHGenève14Saurian AncientsRendez-nous le bronze!no
26. Fabrice aka "Babnik"FJoinville le Pont18Dread ElvesFBJ Ultima Basileusno
27. Loïc aka "kohlek"CHGiez33The Vermin SwarmVouivre et laisser mourirno
28. Alan aka "2dipicche"CHLocarno City19The Vermin SwarmFight Clubno
29. John aka "JohnnyBoy"CHGenève13Sylvan ElvesFight Clubno
30. Filip aka "Pulps"CHMinusio47Saurian AncientsFight Clubno

List of teams

Registered teams
1Sons of GamesSamo, Lord_Of_Dark_74, kitinik, Mad-
2Vouivre et laisser mourirArkalak, Damdam, Wargotad, kohlek
3Les Jeunes VétéransGota, Flougdd, Kourat, Strahd
4Fight ClubGabriel, 2dipicche, JohnnyBoy, Pulps
5Silverware AddictsMath-CD, Lichemeister
6Dream of JambonTheLegend27, sevic, polux
7Master BaitersJohnWiff, eteocle, Draclain, Grabuge
8Rendez-nous le bronze!Tipiz, HARDSTYLE, Mibola, palesti1
9FBJ Ultima BasileusBabnik

Distribution of Armies
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Distribution of Origins
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