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Teams AoS d'Avril à Utopolys - List of Participants

1. Joachim aka "keya"BWavre1010Gloomspite GitzKnight Bastardyes
2. Max aka "LilliputienN"BBruxelles695Beasts of ChaosKnight Bastardyes
3. Nathan aka "Arkan"BVilvoorde695Daughters of KhaineKnight Bastardyes
4. Gilles aka "Gillator"BBruxelles1010Sons of BehematKnight Bastardyes
5. Pierre aka "Pierro"BAth370Slaves to DarknessInglourious Bastardsyes
6. Grégory aka "Psychoboy"BLillois-Witterzée70NighthauntInglourious Bastardsyes
7. Dorian aka "Sidious"BWavre309Daughters of KhaineInglourious Bastardsyes
8. David aka "Mataf_-"BEnghien250Tamurkhan’s HordeInglourious Bastardsyes
9. Thibaut aka "Metek"FBourghelles166Gloomspite GitzLes Chatards ! 1yes
10. Thomas aka "Redwin_"FMarquettez-Lez-Lille111FyreslayersLes Chatards ! 1yes
11. Pierre aka "Erlith"FVilleneuve D'ascq112Grand Alliance OrderLes Chatards ! 1yes
12. Vianney aka "Karoningor"FLille55Maggotkin of NurgleLes Chatards ! 1yes
13. Guillaume aka "DantedeMachiavel"FMons En Baroeul526Stormcast EternalsLes Chatards ! 2yes
14. Clément aka "Loerick"FParis144SeraphonLes Chatards ! 2yes
15. Valentin aka "Seyrinian"FLille58Grand Alliance DeathLes Chatards ! 2yes
16. Quentin aka "Lsteack"FBonningues Lès Calais183SylvanethLes Chatards ! 2yes
17. Maxime aka "MalaMo"FReims382Soulblight GravelordsWargame des sacresyes
18. Matthieu aka "LUPETTE"FBezannes124Sons of BehematWargame des sacresyes
19. Damien aka "Gahazell"FReims22SkavenWargame des sacresyes
20. Fabien aka "Ymh"FPéronne90Gloomspite GitzWargame des sacresyes
21. Pierrre aka "EulPif"FSoissons322SylvanethDuo Ludisyes
22. Florent aka "Morativi"FSoissons331Ogor MawtribesDuo Ludisyes
23. Dorian aka "Bob02700"FTergnier237Grand Alliance ChaosDuo Ludisyes
24. Pierre aka "Dalril"FReims757Cities of SigmarDuo Ludisyes

List of teams

1Duo LudisEulPif, Dalril, Morativi, Bob02700
2Knight Bastardkeya, LilliputienN, Arkan, Gillator
3Inglourious BastardsPierro, Psychoboy, Sidious, Mataf_-
4Wargame des sacresLUPETTE, Gahazell, Ymh, MalaMo
5Les Chatards ! 1Redwin_, Erlith, Karoningor, Metek
6Les Chatards ! 2DantedeMachiavel, Loerick, Seyrinian, Lsteack

Distribution of Armies
Gloomspite Gitz:3
Daughters of Khaine:2
Sons of Behemat:2
Beasts of Chaos:1
Cities of Sigmar:1
Grand Alliance Chaos:1
Grand Alliance Death:1
Grand Alliance Order:1
Maggotkin of Nurgle:1
Ogor Mawtribes:1
Slaves to Darkness:1
Soulblight Gravelords:1
Stormcast Eternals:1
Tamurkhan’s Horde:1
Distribution of Origins
Nord (59):6
Marne (51):4
Aisne (02):3
Aube (10):2
Bouches-du-Rhône (13):2
Yvelines (78):2
Aude (11):1
Cher (18):1
Pas-de-Calais (62):1
Paris (75):1
Somme (80):1
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